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Hold Your Horses - Chapter One.

“Luke, i wanna thank you again for doing this, you always were to kind for your own good. I mean, you’ve travelled all the way to Dallas with someone you hate, for me? Thank you.” Noah’s enthused through the headset, his voice soothing Luke’s ears as he stood in his hotel room, looking across the nightlife of Dallas from his large bay window. A small smile fluttered across his lips that glistened for his tounge flitting back and forth across them. “I know it must be hard for you being stuck there with Dr. Oliver, but it means a lot to me, Luke. Especially after everything..”

“Noah, it’s okay really. You know how much i care about you getting the operation. And, if i’m honest, Reid really isn’t that bad..when he’s not talking that is.” Noah laughed shortly in response, and then stopped with a stutter.

“R-Reid? You call him Reid now?”

“Oh, yeah, i guess i do..” Luke bit his lip nervously, calling Dr. Oliver, Reid had become habit to him lately, but the way Noah sounded so surprised made him cautious. “Plus it gives me the joy of seeing that little flash of annoyance cover his face every time i say it.”

That was a lie. Luke had been studying Reid’s emotions thoroughly during their trip. And the only emotion he’s seen cross the doctors face when he’d address him by, Reid, has been surprise and joy.

Noah’s voice broke him from his thoughts, “I’m still amazed he sounded relatively at ease when he told me you were the one with him in Dallas, you were the last person i would of expected to – “ He stopped abruptly and a deep voice spoke in the background. When Noah responded his voice was muffle so Luke assumed he had covered the handset.

Luke was confused. The voice he’d heard was definitely masculine, but Noah had said he was at home, and the voice was not one he recognized. His eyes had widened slightly and his breath was hitching as he listened to the muffled voices of Noah and Mystery Man. “Noah? Who’s that? I thought you said you were at home?”

“What? Oh, um yeah. I just..well..” Noah was stuttering, which Luke knew was a sign of nerves, causing  his heart beat to increase slightly, “Look, don’t be mad, okay? But, well, Richard came over to help make dinner and – “

“What? Don’t be mad? Are you serious Noah!” Luke was hurt. A dull thud pounding in his heart as he spoke, “You have some stranger coming to your apartment to help you cook? What the hell happened to being Mr Independent?”

“Oh come on, Luke. I knew you’d react like this, that’s why i wasn’t going to tell you!”

“Well how do you expect me to react, Noah! You dumped me because you wanted to be independent, which last time i checked does not mean having some guy who you’ve known for less than a week, come and make you dinner!” His grip on the cell phone tightened. He couldn’t believe Noah. “You spent weeks getting mad whenever i’d try to do anything for you, even opening a fucking door for you!”

Luke knew he was being whiney, but at the moment he didn’t care. Knowing Noah was alone in an apartment with some hunky stranger, with a meal, wine and a bed, made him want to punch something. Or somebody. And by somebody i mean, Richard. He thought angrily, narrowing his eyes at the Dallas cityscape.

“Luke, he’s not a stranger. Richard, he’s uh..he’s..”

“He’s what, Noah?” He clenched the cell phone tighter, gritting his teeth as his eyes started to moisten.

“He understands me.”

“Fuck you, Noah.” Luke spat, slamming the lid of his cell closed with an angry sob. “Fuck you!

His heart was hammering. His lip was trembling. His nose was doing that scrunching up thing it did when he cried; something Noah used to say was “heartbreakingly adorable”. His breaths were coming out short as he tried to steady himself, leaning into the window to try and ease the sudden rush of dizziness he was having. How could he do that. He thinks I don’t understand him? Well, he’s fucking right. I don’t. He wants to be’ independent’, which i guess is just his way of telling me he doesn’t want me. This thought made his tears fall faster. Fuck this. He swiped angrily at the tears, I’m not crying over him anymore. If he wants to be ‘independent’, then he can fucking be.

He rushed around the room, grabbing his wallet and room key, stuffing them into his jeans pocket along with his cell, before stomping out the room, stopping long enough to check his appearance in the mirror. A flushed face, cheeks stained with tears, eyes red-rimmed and blotchy. What-the-fuck-ever.


He knocked on the door. Gentle at first, but after the fifth time it increased to a sufficient banging.

“Hold your fucking horses, i’m coming!” The deep voice yelled from the other side of the wooden door.  Luke rapped on the frame again, just as it swung open. His eyes widened. His mouth dropped slightly. He moaned softly. Holy shit.

“Can i help you, Mr Snyder?”  Fuck me.

“I uh..I..” He managed to snap his lustful gaze away from the sculpted, naked, chest in front of him, and up to Mr Muscles face. Which was equally as drool-worthy. What the fuck, Luke?! “I wanna go out.” He shifted casually, trying to make the new ‘situation’ in his pants bearable.

“Excuse me?” Reid raised his eyebrows in question. He knew the blonde was looking. He was practically salivating on his abs. But the damp salt trails on his structured, flushed cheeks and the way his lip was still quivering slightly, was enough to keep his snarky, egotistical remarks to himself. Luke’s face heated further, and he had to restrain from face palming right in front of him.

“Shit, i mean um, let’s go out. To a bar or something.”

“You can’t drink.”

“Fine, a restaurant then.”

“I’ve eaten.”

“I don’t fucking care!” Luke cried.

Reid’s eyes widened, and he would’ve stepped back in shock, if it weren’t for his fear of his towel falling down.

“Sorry, i’m sorry. I just, i need to get out. Please.” He was practically begging, and if he wasn’t looking so desperate, the doctor would have probably kept him grovelling.

Reid stared at him. The blonde looked lost. Far from a spoilt brat. He internally groaned, “Alright, just..let me get dressed..” He swung the door open wider so Luke could follow him in, which he did, slumping down on the bed, he watched Reid grab some clothes and retreat to the bathroom, a sway in his hips.

What the fuck. I just got a damn boner, from Dr. Oliver. Noah’s really fuck with your head good and truly, Snyder. Luke silently screamed to himself, throwing himself backwards on the bed. He stared at the ceiling intently, trying to get his hormones under control. Yet, the harder he tried, the more he seemed to picture Reid half naked..the towel hanging on his hips revealing the deep V, the bronze hair that trailed down to..

Luke was interrupted from his thoughts by Reid announcing his return with a throaty cough, “Making yourself comfortable on the bed i see, Mr Snyder.” Luke raised an eyebrow. Reid said the bed, not my. Shut up, you’re reading way to much into this. He maybe gay, but that does not mean he’s interested. Wait, since when am I interested?

 “Ready to go, Pretty Boy?” Reid called over his shoulder as he waltzed out the door, tugging a leather jacket on as he went. Oh my god, he thinks i’m pretty! UGH, would you shut the fuck up! You sound like a girl. Well, Noah always said you were like a girl in bed, “flexible and high pitched”. Dear brain, shut up. Luke had to laugh at himself. He just didn’t mean to do it out loud.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Oh, nothing.” He flushed.

“Come on then.” Reid walked out the room and turned down the hallway. Tonights going to be very, very interesting. Luke thought before scurrying out the door after the doctor, shutting the suites door on the way.


The duo found themselves stepping out of a cab in front of “The Lasso”, a typical Texan bar located along one of many avenues that were rushing with a crowd due to it being an early Friday evening.

Reid reached out and grabbed on to Luke’s wrist, halting him in mid-stride, “You don’t seriously expect me to go in there do you?”

“Well, unless you wanna stand out here by yourself, you better.” Luke smirked and shrugged out of the doctors grasp before manoeuvring through the dense crowd into the bar. Reid growled softly, That kid will be the death of me. Taking a deep breath through his scowl, he followed the retreating blonde into the bar.

He caught up with him at the bar, where Luke was trying to get served amongst a throng of plaid shirts and cowboy hats, “Mr Snyder, i believe there is more than one issue with this little plan of yours tonight.”


“Oh yeah, what’s that then?” The young blonde asked without glancing at him.

“Well, firstly you’re not of age to drink, let alone get served, and secondly, Noah told me about you’re drinking problems and you’re liver.”

Luke stopped waving for the bartenders attention and spun to face Reid, an unreadable expression on his face, “He what? Why and how did that ever come up between you two?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, blondie. It’s not like you’re the subject of every conversation between me and Mr Mayer.” Although most do revolve around you. “It was simply a civil banter between doctor and patient.”

“Yeah, and i’m the Queen of England.” Reid cracked a smirk at that, “Did he just decide to tell you my whole fucking life story?”

“Not even close, the only thing i know about your past is that you’re a spoilt brat who lives off Daddy’s trust fund.” Anger and hurt flashed through Luke’s eyes, and Reid felt a momentary sting of guilt.

“Would you stop!” Luke hissed, “You don’t know a thing about my life! I’m not ashamed of the fact that my family has money, but i have never, and i never will, use that as an excuse for anything.”

Reid was silent as he watched the blonde spin on his heel to face the bar once again and call for the servers attention, once again. He reached out cautiously to put a hand on Luke’s shoulder, “Hey, Lu- Mr Snyder..” He caught himself quickly and his cheeks flushed, “I’m sorry, i have no right to..judge you for what you come from..”

Luke felt himself smiling when he heard Reid go to call him by his first name, and the smile only grew when he heard him apologize. Spinning round once again, Luke placed a hand on the red heads bicep, Note to Luke, nice guns. “It’s alright, i kinda over reacted. But hey, you almost called me Luke, Reid.”

“Yeah, well don’t get used to it okay.” Reid smirk cheekily at the blonde before leaning around him into the bar, “Hey, can i get a beer and one soda!”

“A soda? What am i, five?”

“Shut up and drink it, Mr Snyder.” They grinned.


Three hours, five beers, four sodas and dozens of corny country ballads later, the twosome found themselves tucked away at a booth in a far corner that was hidden from most of the bar.

“Oh, come on. You’re not seriously trying to convince me that Spider Man is a better superhero than Superman!” Luke cried in disbelief, “You’re crazy!”

“Please, Spiderman was bitten by a radio-active spider. That makes him cooler automatically.” Reid told him coolly, leaning into the blonde.

“No way, Superman came from a whole other planet, plus he wears tights.” Luke grinned cheekily, his dimples flashing at the doctor who almost swooned.

“Okay, i guess i have to agree on you there, Luke.” The older man reached for his beer and took a swig. Once he’d replaced it on the table and turned back, he found the blonde staring at him with a dreamy smile and wide eyes. “What are you staring at me like that for?” He’s so fucking cute.

“You called me, Luke. And you didn’t stop yourself.”

“Well you’re very observant arn’t you, i bet your Mom’s very proud.” He smirked.

“Oh, cut the crap Doc. You called me, Luke, because you wanted to.”

“Arn’t you arrogant when drinking carbonated sugar.”

“You called me, Luke.” He sang in the red heads face, “And you wanted to.”

“Would you shut up!” Reid laughed at the boys childish ways, “If i say yes will you stop singing.”



“Fine, then yes i did want to. Happy now?” All he got was a huge grin. And then a lip bite. Fuck me. No, fuck him. Please.

“Thank you, Reid.”

“For what?” He raised his eyebrows.

“For making m-“ His cell phone interrupted Luke’s words.

“Sorry, it’s the board, i gotta take it.” He answered the phone as he stood and sidled through the crowd out of the bar, leaving Luke at the booth.

“Thank you for making me happy.” Luke grinned softly and relaxed back into the leather booth.


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  • Fic: Fear

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  • more icons + one w/paper!

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