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Fic: Fear

Rating: M
Summary: Luke scares Reid. 


Luke scares Reid in a lot of ways. 

The first time Luke put fear in Reid was when the young blonde broke through the Ice seal around his heart.  The way he flicked his doe eyes between Noah and Reid while listening to the tall brunette berate him for once again caring a little too much. The overwhelming need to protect Luke at those moments scared Reid. The desire to gather the trembling man into his arms and hold him for eternity had Reid quaking in fear. The feeling of anger towards Noah was familiar, one he'd felt throughout his life coping with death, loneliness and uncles. But the over powering emotion of protectiveness was foreign, the equivalent to him walking into a room and having everyone happy to see him. He wasn't used to it, and it scared him.

But he got over it. The fear lingered in him but the way that Luke's doe eyes focused on him now, filled with love and adoration and need was so beautiful that he stared fear in the eye and told it to fuck off


The second time Luke frightened Reid, he almost forgot how to breathe. He had the blonde under him, shaking with desire and pawing at his back as their lips moved together in perfect synchronisation. Pulling back to take a desperately needed breath, Reid paused to take in the beautiful sight before him. Slick, porcelain skin glistened under the moonlight that filtered through the window. Chest heaving, dusted in hair and arching towards him. Blonde hair, that blonde fucking hair that glowed under every light like some kind of halo, because that's what Luke was to Reid. A fucking angel sent from heaven just for him, to save him. He was brought from his thoughts by Luke shifting beneath him, turning around and positioning himself so his face was pressed against the pillow and his ass was pressed against Reid's insanely hard crotch. Reid frowned, immediately clutching his lovers shoulder to turn him back but Luke resisted.

"Luke? Hey, Luke, what's wrong? Turn back round." Reid watched as the blonde raised, turning his upper body to face him and the older male had to try so hard not to blow his load as Luke's tight ass rubbed against him repeatedly. The uncertainty etched across his young boyfriends face made him forget about it, almost. "Baby, what's wrong? Do you..do you not want this anymore?"

"No!" Luke turned under him completely, laying back on the mattress and looking up at Reid shyly, "Of course I do, I want it more than I've ever wanted anything.."

Reid reached for him, smoothing calloused fingers over dewy cheeks, "Then what's wrong? Why'd you turn over?"

"I just..I thought that's how you would want me." The blonde ducked his head to avoid meeting his partners eyes.

"What?" He laughed in disbelief, "Why the hell would you think that? Don't get me wrong, I love your ass," He snuck in a quick pinch making Luke yelp, "And I plan to fuck it repeatedly. But I wanna see your face when I'm in you for the first time."

Luke blushed, biting his lip, "Really? It's just, N-" Reid crooked an eyebrow. "He always wanted me on my front. He said having my eyes on him while he fucked me made him feel-"

Reid practically had to gulp down his anger towards Mr Mayer. How dare he have ever made this beautiful, beautiful man feel that way, like a piece of trash. If it weren't for LA he would beat Noah 'til he knocked the stupid out of him, if that were even possible. Once again the need to protect Luke crashed into him, knocking the air from his lungs.

"Don't even finish that sentence, Snyder." Reid growled, lowering his face to press a heated kiss to pouted lips, "He is an asshole, no pun intended. Look, whatever that douche made you feel, I don't want you to ever feel that way with me." 

Luke trembled, nodding his head gently. The look in Reid's eyes made him feel safe, wanted, needed. 

"Listen to me, Luke. This is our first time, and god forbid it will not be our last. We waited for this, as much as it killed us, but we're finally here. I love you. And you love me. And we're gonna make love now. I don't want you to turn away from me, I want to look into your eyes and see your face when you come. I wanna share this with you, not your back, okay?"

"Okay." Luke breathed, pulling the doctor in a searing kiss, "And I do love you. I fucking love you Doctor Oliver. Now fuck me."

And that was the moment Reid saw fear, imagined it was Noah fucking Mayer and punched it square in the face.


The time Luke scared him the most, the type of fear that gripped around his heart and squeezed until he finally he calmed, was when Holden died. And not in some damn soap opera way, he died. Reid wasn't sure exactly what happened, all he knew was that Holden was dead and he was at the hospital and Luke was missing. 

"Come on, Luke. Pick up, pick up, pick up.." He was answered with Luke's voice mail again, "Luke, Baby. Where are you? Please tell me, please. I know you're hurting but...phone me, text me, whatever. Just tell me where you are, let me help you. Come on, Baby. I love you. I love you so much and you don't have to do this alone. Just..please."

He hung up in defeat, clenching his phone in a fist and releasing a shuddered breath as a delicate hand met his shoulder. Lucinda Walsh.

"Reid, Darling." She cooed at him, "I like to think that I know my Grandson more than anyone, although I do have to doubt that sometimes," She eyed him suggestively, "But I do know that when he's upset he doesn't like to be alone. He may think he does, but we both know he needs people, and right now he needs you, Darling. Go to him, find him."

"I..I don't know where he is. He's not at the house, he's not at the farm, he's not at the office. I don't know where he is." The crack in his voice surprised both of them, "God, I just..wait."


"That's it."

"Reid, what's it?" He turned to leave, "Where are you going?"

He turned back briefly, "To find our boy."

The sight of Luke broke Reid's heart and he could hear the blonde's sobs from where he stood. Luke was crumpled, bent over himself at the base of the tree, which was barely taller than himself. Approaching his boyfriend cautiously and briefly taking note of the greying sky above them, he alerted the boy of his presence softly, "Luke.."

The blonde's head shot up quickly, all red faced, tear streaked, eyes wide and quivering lips before folding into himself once again.

"Baby.." Reid whispered while kneeling to the ground beside him, "Hey, come here, look at me.." Answered with a gut wrenching sob which literally wretched through the blondes body, Reid curled around him, cradling the shaking form to him as the sky flashed around them.

This time Reid couldn't bring himself to look the fear in the eye. This time he looked away, unable to face the terrifying fear that he didn't know how to help Luke. He found himself shedding a single tear as the fear of Luke breaking all over again pulled him into the storm. 



Today, it's not just Luke that has him scared, it's himself. He's going to fuck it up, he knows it. He'll hurt Luke, whether it's with important, life changing decisions to come or forgetting important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, he will.

"Fuck!" He cursed, pulling the tie from around his neck and throwing it the ground, grumbling to his reflection in the mirror.

"Need some help?" He turned to face the voice, trying to smile in response.

"Come here." He watched as they approached him before taking them in his arms, sighing into their hair.

"You okay, Doc?" Hands smoothed at his back in reassurance.

"I'm fucking terrified, Katie." He winced as he listened to himself admit it.

"Oh, Reid." She pulled him closer, having to resist the urge to sway him slightly knowing Reid would not take kindly to the childish type of comfort. "What's got you so scared?"

"I'm gonna hurt him. How can I make all these promises, when I don't even know if I can keep them. He's everything to me, Katie. He's my life. I've seen him hurt so many times, some because of me and I don't know how to promise him that I won't." He shuddered at how pathetic he sounded to himself.

"Reid, you're an idiot."

He pulled back, crooking an eyebrow at her and laughing in disbelief, "Um, thanks. You're a real help."

"Reid! You're so stupid! Of course you're going to hurt him. It's unavoidable in any relationship, and with Luke..well." They grinned at eachother, "But seriously, Reid. You guys, you're so perfect it kind of hurts to watch you two. Relationships are made of good and bad times, but it's up to you both to push through the hard times. And he'll hurt you too, we all see how you get when Noah comes back into his life at Holidays. But you pull through everytime, Reid. Because you love each other, and hey, that is why you're getting married today."

"Yeah," He smiled softly, "Yeah, I suppose it is. Help me get this tie on?"

"Course." She knotted his tie quickly, wiggling it gently to get it perfect.

"Hey, that's my job." They both turned to face the new voice, smiling in response. Luke stepped further into the room, blushing softly at Reid's heated stare.

"Luke.." The doctor stepped towards him, feeling his fear and worries fall off him as he took in the beautiful male before him. The beautiful male he was soon to be married to. "You look fucking gorgeous, Baby."

"Not so bad yourself there, doc." They kissed softly and Katie took that as her que to leave.

"See you in five boys." They muttered bye briefly before rejoining their lips. Reid slid his hands up Luke's back, feeling the curve of his spine to his neck and the silk of hair between his fingers.

"Watch the hair!" Luke scolded, making the older male chuckle, "You ready for this, Doctor Oliver?"

Staring deep into Luke's brown eyes, Reid took a breath. Was he ready? He was going to marry Luke. Richie Rich. Silver spoon, Luke. Taking in the blonde hair, broad shoulders, trim waist and back up to his magnificent lips, Reid knew he was ready. "I love you, Mr Snyder."

Grinning, the blonde answered, "I love you too, my urban cowboy."

And in that moment, Reid knew that he was ready for more than just marrying, Luke. He was ready for everything. He was ready to finally grab fear by the throat and tell it that he wasn't afraid, because if he had Luke, he wasn't afraid of anything.

The End.



I don't really know where this came from, it just got stuck in my head and progressed from there. I hope you guys like it and feel free to review if you wish. XO




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  • more icons + one w/paper!

    Van Hansis + misc, Reid Oliver, Lure. Wallpaper- Icons- Credit if using! :) <3

  • (no subject)

    Life's A Game of Monopoly. “I’ve sat back long enough. I won’t watch you do this to my son anymore. He won’t have to…

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