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Life's A Game of Monopoly.

“I’ve sat back long enough. I won’t watch you do this to my son anymore. He won’t have to suffer your perverted ways for a moment longer. You sick freak.” His head was swaying as the barrel of the shotgun pointed him in the face. He tried to scramble backwards. The rough ground and sticks scraped at his bare shins and hands in his hurry. It was no use. The man continued to advance to him. He was literally staring death in the face.

“Your son. Noah. He’s with me. He’s not sick. He’s not. You’re just a pigheaded fool!” He spat at the figure, who quickly threw his foot out to meet the others ribs. He cried out.

“Luke! Luke! Where are you?!” The voice called from a near distance. Noah.

“Noah! Noah, over here! Help! Please he’s got a-“ He was cut off by the man’s foot again. This time in the head.

“Luke! I’m coming! Tell me where you are!” Noah was closer. He could hear the rustle of the bushes as the teen struggled through them.

“He won’t get here in time. Do you know how long it takes a bullet to get from the gun to the skull?”

He squeezed his eyes shut, blocking out the view of the man and the gun.

“Around a second.” He gulped. “And that’s from long distance.”

The cold, hard metal pressed against his temple.

“Luke!” Noah had made it. He practically threw himself through the shrubble and stumbled down the large slope towards the two. “Dad! What the fuck are you doing! Get away from him!”

“Noah. This is what’s best for you. Sick perverts like him don’t belong in the world.”

He swallowed down a sob as the gun pushed harder against him, forcing his head further into the ground.

“Don’t call him that!”

“Noah..” He whimpered almost pathetically.

“Look, Dad you don’t need to do this. Luke hasn’t done anything. Just put the gun down and-“

“NO NOAH! Don’t you see! He’s done everything wrong! This little faggot has-“ The Colonel was cut short when Noah lunged at him. The force cause him to pull the trigger. The two went barrelling further down the hill.

Luke screamed. He screamed and sobbed and cried and screamed more. The gun had gone off. The gun that had been pressed solidly against his skull had been fired. And yet, he hadn’t been shot. The Colonel had missed. At least with the bullet.

The blood seeping from his skull told a different story.

The speed that Noah had tackled his father at, had flung them both forward quickly, jolting the Colonel. Causing the barrel of the shotgun to strike Luke around the head. Hard.

Luke cried out again, curling into a ball and burying himself in the cocoon of his arms. His cries became gargled by the blood that was drastically streaming from his temple into his mouth.
“N-No-ah..” He whimpered as his eyes blurred and his limbs became limp.

The last thing he heard before he blacked out was the ringing of a gunshot.

Luke awoke with a cry. He screamed and thrashed against the bed covers that threatened to strangle him. He didn’t know where he was.

Everything was white. It blinded him. His voice was hoarse and his throat begged for water as he cried. His head was pounding and everything was hazy.

The bright lights caused him to clench his bleary eyes shut and he whined from the pain bursting in his temples. The continuous beep that echoed around him didn’t help. His moaning was cut short when the door opened and shut with a creak.

“Ah, Mr. Snyder i’m glad to see you’ve come to.” He blinked an eye open wearily for long enough to identify the voice. He recognized the man as Dr. Bob Hughes. Man, he’s gone grey quick.

“D-Dr. Hughes? Where am I?” He asked, cracking his eyes open against the light.

“You’re in the hospital, Luke. You’ve been asleep for about two days.” Bob told him in an oddly calming voice as he went around doing various checks.

“Oh. Is it my kidneys again?” The doctor paused in the middle of scanning over his file.

“Your kidneys are fine, Luke. You’re here because of a serious head trauma. Do you not remember? Noah’s father. The woods?” Bob’s jaw tensed as Luke continued to stare at him confusedly.

“What?” The volume of his voice caused him to wince, “H-Head trauma? I don’t..I..Noah? I don’t know..Woods? Was it the slasher?”

Luke watched as Bob seemed to hesitate momentarily, “No, Luke..You and Noah went fishing, with his father. The Colonel. It seems he wasn’t quite so accepting of your relationship as he said.”

“W-Wait, I’m so confused.” He hissed, “My head, oh man it hurts. W-Who’s Noah? Why don’t I remember this?”

“Luke, what is the last thing you remember?” The doctors voice was strong, serious and scared.

“S-surgery...I came out...Mum..fell down stairs...Ethan...” He pressed a hand to his face, wincing against the pounding in his head.

“It’s okay, Luke. Everything’s fine, I have to go and...excuse me.” Bob retreated from the room, grateful that the boy was unable to see the fear in his eyes.

“Dr. Hughes!” Two figures immediately pounced on him. Holden and Lily. “How is he? Can we see him?”

“Physically he’s fine.” Bob told them stoically. He briefly caught the eye of the brunette male who stood a few feet behind the couple.

“Physically? What do you..what’s wrong?” Holden took a step forward, his face etched with worry as he clutched at Lily’s hand.

“I’m so sorry to tell you this but..the damage to Luke’s head appears to me much worse than we anticipated.” The brunette backed into the wall behind him as if preparing himself for what was to come, his fearful eyes burnt into Bob.

“Worse? Worse how? Bob, what’s wrong with my Luke?” Lily was near hysterical.

“I fear he’s suffered short term memory loss. Luke can’t remember anything from two years ago.” Bob took a breath, “As far as he knows, he’s sixteen years old.”

He watched despairingly as the Noah Mayer slumped to the floor.

Back in room 242, Luke was sat, still staring at the spot that Dr. Bob had stood in mere minutes ago. Why did he look so freaked out? Fuck, my head seriously, don’t they give out asprin here? He jumped from his thoughts as the door flung open and a blur of brunette approached him.

“Luke! Baby, oh my poor boy!” He was bundled into small arms and clutched fiercely against a trembling frame.

“Mom?” He practically gasped in happiness, clinging back to her just as strongly, “Mom, what happened? Dr. Bob he, he looked freaked!”

“It’s okay, Sweetie, everything’s going to be okay.” He pulled back.

“No, Mom. Bob said the same thing..but you look just as worried as he did! I’m not stupid, I’m sixteen years old for god sakes, if somethings wrong just te- Ah!” He groaned violently into his hand.

“Luke, whats wrong?” Another voice. Deeper. Holden.

“Dad! I-Ow!” He cried out again just as Dr. Bob and a nurse pushed him to lie back on the bed, “My head!”

“Bob, please! What’s wrong with him!” He heard his mom plead desperately.

“It’s just a side effect of the concussion. I need you three to leave the room, please.” Three?

Luke opened his eyes briefly enough to catch a glimpse of a lean figure, hunched over in what appeared to be despair, a mop of dark hair and two piercing blue eyes that seemed dulled with pain. The figure disappeared through the door followed by his parents blurred shapes.

He cried out again, fighting against the darkness but losing the battle and falling rapidly into the bleakness.

The last thing he heard was the frantic whispers between Bob and the nurse, “Doctor, this isn’t just concussion.”

“I know, Nurse Stewart. I’m afraid that the head trauma is more serious then we first thought, I need you to phone Dr. Oliver immedietly. Tell him it’s urgent.”

Darkness overtook him.

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